Before starting the game

  This is a game. Game play will not insure or promise to restore or improve your vision. Please avoid excessive play. If you feel any discomfort, please discontinue the use of this game. The creator of this game will not take responsibility for any and all results and/or symptoms from playing this game.

How do I play?

  In short, it is a match-3 puzzle. Match 3 or more blocks with the same pattern to erase the blocks. When the time indicator on the left runs out, the game is over.

How often and how much time should I spend playing this game?

  Maximum play time should be 20 minutes per day. Please avoid excessive use that is harmful to your eyes. We recommend continuously training for 3~4 times per week.

What is the ideal play environment?

  An environment where light does not reflect from the screen (indoors, etc) is best. Please avoid play while in motion. We fear not only will such use not produce positive results, but will easily cause motion sickness.

Can I have both eyes open?

  We recommend use for one eye at a time, especially if your vision greatly differs depending on the eye.

Should I try to look at the screen from as far as possible?

  Personally, we feel that is desirable, however we recommend users who would like to resolve shortsightedness or farsightedness to look at the screen from a close distance.

Is it ok to play with glasses?

  If your goal is to improve your vision with glasses, please play with your glasses on. If your goal is to see without glasses, please play without your glasses.

Are there any side effects?

  There are none that the general public knows of, as of now.

How long does it take to see results?

  It usually takes around 1~8 weeks of continuous play to see results.

Privacy Policy

  Please be rest assured, we do not save or send any form of private user information. Additionally, we will not send your user data to outside third party networks.